Cancer Insurance Coverage

The financial costs of cancer care can be astronomical and burdensome to not only those diagnosed with this tragic illness, but also for their families and communities. The costs of cancer treatment and care have steadily increased above the cost of inflation in the U.S.; and even with the advancements of technology and treatment, costs will continue to climb. Anyone can develop cancer, at any stage of their life, but you can help protect yourself and your family from the exorbitant costs associated with this disease.

Unlike typical health insurance which pays the provider (hospital or doctor), the Cancer Insurance Plan pays you directly! You can receive benefits payment by the day; per treatment; or as a reimbursement of expenses. The Cancer Insurance Plan can be a source of financial support when you and your family need it the most.

By enrolling in the Cancer Insurance Plan, you'll not only have more resources to cope and deal with any future diagnosis of cancer; but it will also provide you with wellness benefits that can help you to detect cancer in its early stages, when it's most treatable!

Individual and Family coverage is available for this plan.

The following benefits and coverage are available with the Cancer Insurance Plan:
  • Wellness Benefits
      Cancer screening tests | Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scans | Transportation benefit for travel | Nursing home stay benefit | Lodging allowance for immediate family | Physical & Speech therapy
  • Hospital Benefits
      Hospital confinement | Attending physician costs | In-patient drugs and medication | Private-duty nurse | Ambulance transportation | Extended care facilities | Hospice care
  • Surgery Benefits
      In-patient | Out-patient | Anesthesia | Prosthesis | Hair prosthesis | Reconstructive surgery | Prescribed surgery | Ambulatory surgical center | Skin cancer removal
  • Radiation & Chemotherapy Benefits
      Radiation therapy | Chemotherapy | Transplants for blood, plasma, blood components, bone marrow and stem cells | Assosiated costs for radiation, chemotherapy, and transplant treaments | New or experimental treatment options
  • Cancer Maintenance Therapy Benefits
      Suppressive tehrapy | Hematological (blood) drugs | Anti-nausea drugs | Motility agents
  • First Occurance Benefit
      Pays a one time lump sum benefit when a cancer is initially diagnosed.