Prescription Rx Card Insurance Plan

Maintaining good health can require more than just eating right, proper exercise and doctor visits when you or family members are feeling sick. Sometimes it may require additional assistance from medications, whether it's to help fight off the effects of the flu; maintain healthy blood pressure; or alleviate chronic pain.

We understand that paying for medications can be a challenge due the high costs of prescription drugs. Our Prescription Rx Card Insurance provides you with the ability to save hundreds vs. the direct out of pocket costs of paying for prescription directly.

The Prescription Rx Card Insurance Plan is accepted at nearly 200,000 major and independent pharmacies nationwide, giving you the convenience and peace of mind of knowing that virtually no matter where you may be, you'll be able to save money on prescription medications that you and your family require.

Individual and Family coverage is available for this plan.

The Prescription Rx Card Insurance Plan includes the following benefits: